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Join us to activate the Spirit Molecule within just by breathing! I wanted to do an interview with my friend Rahul Panchal that I have been doing regular Sunday online breathing sessions with. It’s similar to Holotropic breathing but different because Rah is lighthearted, humorous and makes the whole experience as fun as it is deep! For me these sessions have been nothing short of life-changing, every single time! Join us from anywhere in the world Sundays at noon EST or 9 AM Pacific to do these group breathing sessions. You can learn more about it and register at Rah’s website here: We have come to a place in time where we as individuals and as a species are beginning to recognize that we are not in coherence with the natural world. Many are beginning to sense that a fundamental reason why we are not in alignment with nature is because we are out of touch with our own inner nature. Integrating the soul into the self while developing ever expansive consciousness of this integration process is beginning to become a priority for many. For those who are passionate about inner alchemy, breathing is one of the most important and necessary tools to learn how to master if we are prioritizing soul/self integration. I’m super excited to interview Ra so that anyone watching this can learn more about this technique, and our regular Sunday practice sessions. Laura is traveling right now on a book tour otherwise she wanted to interview Ra with me. If you resonate with Ra, feel compelled to learn how to do this breathing with open-hearted, open-minded individuals we hope to see you at one of our Sunday sessions! Bring your joy and/or your sorrow and we will transmute it all together!