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About us

Our Healing Community

We all come from one source. In fleeting moments of profound clarity we recall where we truly come from. This work is a humble attempt to bring us to those moments and get back to that which resides deep within us all. 

At our core we are all beings of light, love and joy. Through breath, it’s possible to move through anything that’s pulled us off center. Once done, we can rise up full of childlike wonder and excitement, ready to play with life again. We meet in-person on the first Saturday of each month. We begin with a quick sharing of intentions. Then we dive into an hour of easy and graceful breathing from the lineage of rebirthing, the first breath work practice that first emerged in the 1970’s. It’s a gentle and easy way of breathing, simply put a big long inhale and a big long exhale. The effect is profound and relaxing. At the end of an hour of this, the body is totally relaxed, and deep emotional clutter is left behind. We then get some tea, hang out and share. 

Our mission

Come experience The Pure White Light of your true self in a safe space. Learn to move towards your highest vision and intention. We provide safe instruction, an opportunity to explore all the deep edges that have kept you from fully expressing yourself and loving community.

Meet Our Facilitators

Rahul Panchal

Lead Facilitator & Teacher Trainer

Rhiannon Henderson

Substitute Teacher

Josh (The Squash) Palmer

Teacher in Training & Herbalist

Frequently asked questions

Am I going to hyperventilate or get dizzy?

No.  The breathing practice we utilize is very calm and relaxed. Simple in and out. No gimmicky breathing patterns or hyperventilating. These tricks are great if you are trying to get a feeling quickly. Instead we take our time and breathe for a full hour and let the breath and the body harmonize for deep, profound healing. 

Why is it so much more affordable than other events?

This is not a “business”, this is a community service. The funds from ticket sales go towards event space rental, maintaing this website and other expenses related to bringing this service to you in a harmonious and reliable manner. We are supported by the generous support of   

I love this! How can I donate?
What do I need to bring?

Bring a yoga mat or something similar to lay on
• Blanket (optional)
• Pillow (optional)
• Snacks to share after breathing (optional) 

Tea, and eye masks will be provided 

Can I be trained as a teacher?

Of course! We’d love to. The process starts with 10 deep one-on-one private sessions with Rahul. Then you are guided through the process of one-on-one facilitation and event. Contact us to learn more: 

How do I sign up for a private session?

Send us an email and we’ll send you some dates & times to choose from: 

Join a Session Today

Every session is unique and tailored to suit everyone who shows up in the moment. The next session will not be the same without you. 

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✨ Return to the pure white light within ✨


1500 West Alhambra Road

Alhambra, CA 91801